All coaches actively run themselves, so they understand what running and training involves. Our coaches actively engage in training sessions - you'll never see a Be A Runner Coach holding a stop watch and blowing a whistle. You'll also never see a Be A Runner Coach out the front of a group trying to make everyone else keep up. 

Our Coaches are here for you!



Blayne Arnold 

Why i Coach?

Simply because, I love all things running and really enjoy being able to assist others share that enjoyment while achieving their goals. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing runners working harder than they need to. I love to help runners achieve their goals by getting them to train smart.

about Blayne 

Blayne's private and professional life is all things running. Self declared recreational runner who's favourite distance is the half marathon. Passionate about all distances from the track to the road and off again. You will not find a more passionate and knowledgeable coach. 





Richard BEAR.jpg

Richard Mullaney

Why I coach

To help people train smarter, not harder. It's about sharing my experience and enthusiasm to help you achieve your goals while you participate in an incredibly fulfilling activity. As a coach it's about helping, not hurting, enthusing, not confusing, inspiring while perspiring! 

About richard

Richard has been a virtual life-long runner participating in events from Track to Ultra Marathon and a coach for over twenty years. Running has provided so much, a healthy lifestyle, an opportunity to make life-long friends a mental and physical escape and achievement of goals.

Richard - why blayne

Blayne's humility and selflessness endears him to his athletes. His knowledge and experience ensures he delivers an unmatched level of care to all standard of athlete. Partnering with Blayne allows me to share my coaching passion with the right partner.