Terms & Policies


Training POLICIES:

At Be A Runner we all make the commitment to: 

  • Respect and listen to coaches instructions

  • Respect every runner

  • Respect members of the general public who may share our training environment

  • Not to engage inappropriate language or behaviour

  • Not to interfere with the training of others


In the interest of your personal protection we require all runners to be registered members of Be A Runner. Membership includes Personal Accident Insurance coverage under the National Athletics Insurance Scheme. 

Weather Policy:

If adverse and dangerous weather is forecasted then training will be cancelled. If the forecast is rain, but no lightning, nor is it deemed to be dangerous, group training will go ahead. In the event of extreme temperatures training sessions will be modified. Running during any weather conditions is personal decision, we ask every runner to use common sense and to consider the weather conditions when deciding to run or train.


If you have any medical conditions or any current or previous injuries that may affect your ability to safely train and run it is your responsibility to notify Be A Runner staff. If in doubt please speak to one of our staff or speak to your GP. 

Illness and Sickness:

If you are currently suffering from an acute illness or sickness we ask that you do not attend group training for both your wellbeing and everyone else's. 

Training and Coaching Fees:

for Members

Monthly training passes and Monthly training programs are for calendar months only.

Ten Sessions passes are valid for a maximum of 6 months, while 20 session passes are valid for up to 12 months. Refunds on sessions passes will be calculated by: refund = Amount paid - (the number of sessions attended x casual rate ($15) - 10% admin fee).

NON Members

Single session fees must be paid previous to or at the time of the session.