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Fool’s Gold

Fools Gold WoW TCG LootFool’s Gold is a reward from the Fool’s Gold Loot Card, found in booster packs from the Twilight of the Dragons Expansion Set.

Use the Fool’s Gold item to place a node of Fool’s Gold on the ground. Players in your party or raid can right-click the node of Fool’s Gold to summon their own Kobold pet!

The Kobold pet will last until you swap it for a new pet, or if your character dies. The node of Fool’s Gold lasts for 3 minutes once summoned, and has a 30 minute cooldown.

This item is usable by characters of any level.


The Fool’s Gold Loot Card is found in booster packs from the Twilight of the Dragons Expansion Set. It is a rare card, found in only 1 out of 121 booster packs.

Twilight of the Dragons booster boxes currently run about $65.00 each and contain 24 packs of cards. If trying to obtain the Fool’s Gold loot card from a booster pack, one would have to spend approximately $325.00 to get it.

Foam Sword Rack

Foam Sword RackThe Foam Sword Rack Loot Card contains a loot code redeemable for one Foam Sword Rack.

With the Foam Sword Rack, a player is able to create a rack full of Foam Swords that other players can equip and do battle with. The Foam Sword Rack lasts for 3 minutes and has a 30 minute cooldown.

Players equipping the Foam Swords can “bonk” one another with them. Once a player has been bonked 3 times by other players with Foam Swords, he or she loses their Foam Sword in an explosion of confetti. If you lose your sword, you can run back to the rack to grab another as long as the rack is still up. Once the rack has despawned, no more swords will be available until a new rack is summoned.

Foam Swords are available to players of both factions, so Alliance can bonk Horde and vice-versa.

The lone player left with a Foam Sword at the end of the fight is considered the “winner”.



The swords are available to all players and are considered conjured items, so they will disappear from your inventory if logged out for more than 15 minutes.

The Foam Sword Rack Loot Card is very rare. It is found in only 1 out of 242 booster packs from the Blood of Gladiators expansion set.

Diablo 3 Best Class


I’ve read many articles on what the best class for Diablo 3 might be and can tell you that it’s pretty much up in the air at this point (but then won’t it always be?!). While some people actually do look into damage dealt and other technical aspects the hard fight to top the charts and be the best class is just about always going to come down to each indiviuals preferred play style and other personal preferences. So here’s a breakdown of the classes and you can decide for yourself as to which might be the best class.

For the sake of simplicity I’m going to combine the classes into a melee up close combat style group (Barbarian and Monk) and a ranged group (Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Wizard).

Barbarian and Monk – Melee Up Close Combat Style

The Barbarian and Monk are both melee classes that rely on vitality, mitigation, and avoidance skills to be able to survive direct up close and personal combat with mobs. While these classes can take more hits and survive a lot more than a ranged class like a Wizard might, they are a bit weak at times with fighting big groups of rare mobs. Another issue with these melee classes is that it can sometimes be difficult to avoid standing in damage causing effects created by certain mobs.

Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Wizard – Ranged Combat Style

The Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Wizard are all ranged classes and are generally weak when it comes to taking damage. These ranged classes also need to focus on gathering Vitality and using avoidance skills because they aren’t able to withstand the same kind of attacks that a Monk and Barbarian might handle with ease.

So What’s the Best Class?

I broke the classes down into direct melee combat and ranged because there is oftentimes a personal preference for one of these play styles. I personally enjoy playing ranged classes but have friends that would never play anything but a Barbarian/Warrior/Paladin tank-like class. You could break it down even more really to say that some players prefer playing casting ranged classes like the Wizard and so on.

So in order to determine the best class for you consider the following:

Barbarian – The Barbarian is a brute force class that takes high amount of damage and causes direct physical damage to mobs. It’s a heavy duty tank type class.

Witch Doctor – The Witch Doctor is a Necromancer type class that casts diseases, curses, and summons minions. It’s a ranged class that allows you to stay back and annihilate mobs from a distance.

Wizard – The Wizard is a ranged casting class that utilizes elements of energy (essentially) to destroy mobs from a distance.

Monk – The Monk is a martial artist, holy warrior type class that deals direct physical damage and fights up close and personal.

Demon Hunter – The Demon Hunter is reminiscent of the Amazon in Diablo 2 and similar to a Hunter. With this class you’ll fight mobs with explosive damage from a ranged distance.

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